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Beer festival !!!

Нашол у себя в почтовом ящике. Надо будет не забыть зайти поработать!!!!

It is approaching that time of year, yes Sheffield CAMRA's Steel City Beer & Cider Festival. Last year we stuck a tent in Cemetery Park and filled it with lovely beer, cider, food and fantastic staff and the public flocked there and drunk us dry, despite the rather rubbish weather.
This year we aim to be bigger and better, with more space, more to drink, more to eat, better toilets and better underfoot conditions.
However, we cannot acheive this without a good team of volunteer staff, which is where you could come in! We are looking for CAMRA members to staff the festival, whether on the bars, foyer, token desk, stewarding, admin, membership stand or site team, all have an important part to play.
Whilst hard work, it's a lot of fun, and all volunteer staff get a free beer & cider allowance, and those that work more than one session will also get a staff t-shirt, sponsored by the Sheffield Brewery Company.
Festival site construction begins on Saturday 26th September, the beer tasting for the beer of the festival competition takes place on Wednesday 30th September, and the festival is open to the public Thursday 1st October to Saturday 3rd October, with take down work on Sunday 4th and Monday 5th.

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